Fort Hoofddorp Water Table

The Fort Hoofddorp Water Table (“de Stellingtafel”) is an educational artwork, given form in collaboration with designer Siba Sahabi. The sculptural, triangular table shows the workings of the Defence Line of Amsterdam through an abstract map of the 135 kilometres long defence line and its inundation areas.

Hoofddorp Fort Island is one of the 46 defence forts that make up the defence line around Amsterdam, that was built between 1880 and 1914. Filled with water, the artwork demonstrates the working of its ingenious inundation system that was aimed at protecting the Dutch capital against a possible foreign attack.


Location: Hoofddorp, Netherlands
Date: 2021-2022
Status: Completed
Client: Stichting Fort van Hoofddorp
Project team: Serge Schoemaker, Andrew Choptiany | Farimah Chaman Zadeh
In collaboration with: Siba Sahabi

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