Hoofddorp Garden Studio

With the rise in both land prices and numbers of people working from home, high-quality insulated garden studios have become a big trend. In Hoofddorp, Serge Schoemaker Architects used limited architectural means to design a sleek multifunctional garden studio. The result is a small and versatile structure, in which exterior and interior are one.

The sturdy yet elegant studio is built on a narrow plot beside the freestanding house of the clients. With its monolithic form and minimalist details, the sculptural house stands out amidst the traditional buildings in the neighbourhood.

Owing to limited space and the care with which the structure had to be constructed, it was decided to prefabricate the house in the workshop and position it on the site with a crane. A steel plate in the floor plate of the timber-frame structure provided the necessary stability during transport.

Clad in weathering steel, the reddish brown object blends naturally into its green surroundings. The various cladding panels were lasered to size and then assembled like a tangram. Detailing the large window without frames meant that the glass could also finish flush with the facade plane.

Inside is an oasis of calm. The minimalist interior is detailed in birch plywood, contrasting beautifully with the weathered exterior. The studio is designed in such a way that you feel totally enclosed by nature: the big window frames a surprisingly fine view of the green and watery surroundings.

The access door and smaller ventilation window are fitted with glass and covered in perforated weathering steel panels. During the day the perforations admit light and air, while in the evening they cast a pleasant glow into the garden. As soon as the artificial light shines through the facade, the hard and sturdy skin acquires a poetic appearance.


Location: Hoofddorp, Netherlands
Date: 2017-2018
Status: Completed
Client: Private
Project team: Serge Schoemaker, Alexander Beeloo | Ilaria Saggese
Photography: MWA Hart Nibbrig

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Floor plan of Hoofddorp Garden Studio by Serge Schoemaker Architects Exterior of Hoofddorp Garden Studio by Serge Schoemaker Architects Elevations of Hoofddorp Garden Studio by Serge Schoemaker Architects