Jonschwil Villa

This villa will be built on the edge of a steep river valley in the Wil region of Switzerland. The upper floor of the house consists of a geometric, open concrete structure that offers panoramic views of the green surroundings and rests on two solid, natural stone volumes on the ground floor. The two levels of the house provide very different living conditions: intimate and sheltered below, and spacious and airy above.

The ground floor is designed to blend with the landscape. The wellness area and garage are located beneath the upper lawn, and the guest accommodation is housed in a separate, solid volume. The exterior walls of the ground floor are constructed from natural stone, giving the impression that they were carved from the landscape. The natural stone walls continue into the interior, creating a robust, landscape-inspired atmosphere.

An open living space is situated between the wellness area, garage, and guest accommodation. Large sliding doors allow this space to fully open up to the adjacent terrace and swimming pool. Continuously flowing stone floor tiles enhance the visual and spatial connection. In the inner corner of the open living space, there is an intimate seating area with a fireplace, providing a retreat from the outside world.

A round staircase, clad in wood, leads from the ground floor to a spacious first floor with floor-to-ceiling windows on all sides. This residential floor houses the living room, kitchen, and the client’s bedroom, and is organized around a freestanding, furniture-like volume. Due to its consistent distance from the floor-to-ceiling windows, one can freely walk around it, along the facade. In the southwest corner, there is a covered balcony offering optimal views of the lower-level swimming pool, the hilly surroundings, and the spectacular Thur river valley.


Location: St. Gallen, Switzerland
Date: 2021-2024
Status: Ongoing
Client: Private

Project team: Serge Schoemaker, Henrik Holte | Maiara Camilotti, Farimah Chaman Zadeh, Andrew Choptiany, Ottavia Profumo

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