BNA - Fort van Hoofddorp - Serge Schoemaker Architects

BNA Best Building of the Year 2021 - Honorable Mention

Hoofddorp Fort Island

BNA jury statement: “A design that excels in modesty, creating a wonderful venue where people can roam around, work in the garden and unwind. This project is clearly significant to the local population. How fine it is that the municipality of Haarlemmermeer recognized that importance, and what courage the initiators have shown by persevering for a decade to realize their dream.”

NRP Gulden Feniks - Fort van Hoofddorp - Serge Schoemaker Architects

NRP Gulden Feniks 2021 - Nomination

Hoofddorp Fort Island

Hoofddorp Fort Island is nominated for the NRP Gulden Feniks 2021, the award for the most excellent examples of renovation and transformation projects in the Netherlands. For an overview of all the eight nominated projects, please have a look at the website of NRP. The winners will be announced November 16th, 2021.

ARC20 - Fort van Hoofddorp - Serge Schoemaker Architects

ARC20 Architecture Award - Nomination

Hoofddorp Fort Island

ARC20 jury statement: “The old fort has been transformed into a unique meeting place with space for a café as well as cultural and educational activities. This redevelopment adds a new layer of time to a striking and exceptional fort structure. The design establishes a new link between past and present.”

Interior of the Year 2020 - Nomination

Hoofddorp Fort Island

Architectenweb jury statement: “A difficult assignment, in the eyes of the jury, in which it won’t always have been easy to bring old and new together. (...) The architect has succeeded in preserving the legibility of different layers of time. The process from sketch design to completion took ten years and unfolded smoothly; the jury has great respect for the perseverance shown by the architect.”

Interior view of Hoofddorp House by Serge Schoemaker Architects

Interior of the Year 2018 - Nomination

Hoofddorp House

Architectenweb jury statement: “The introduction of floor-high storage walls in loft-like spaces is not new, but the jury views the spaciousness that this solution produces as truly remarkable. A seemingly simple intervention smartly organizes the floor plan. Moreover, the alternating open and closed areas of wall lend the interior exactly the right sense of dynamism.”