Studio of Serge Schoemaker Architects

The practice is led by architect and founder Serge Schoemaker. Together with a small dedicated team of architects, he works on projects ranging from interiors and buildings, to landscape objects and art installations.

Current team:

Serge Schoemaker, Maiara Camilotti, Farimah Chaman Zadeh, Henrik Holte and Ottavia Profumo.

Formerly at Serge Schoemaker Architects:

Alexander Beeloo, Sanne Knoll, Max Hart Nibbrig, Dik Houben and Roxana Vakil Mozafari (architects);

Yunqiao Du, Francesca Muggli, Valentine Jaques, Arun Jansen, Hoda Khanbani, Niklas Kühlenborg, Pedro Magalhaes, Beatrice Nespega, Axelle Pavero, Ilaria Saggese, Tessa Spoelstra, Giulia Tönz and Kevin Veenhuizen (assistant designers).