Studio of Serge Schoemaker Architects

Serge Schoemaker Architects is a Royal BNA chartered practice. The practice is led by architect and founder Serge Schoemaker. With a dedicated, diverse and international team of designers, he works on projects ranging from renovations and transformations from monuments, to expansions and new built projects.

Current team:

Serge Schoemaker – principal architect
Maiara Camilotti – architect
Ottavia Profumo – architect
Lara Fehimovic – assistant designer
Pola Totinchy – assistant designer
Ruben Voogt – assistant designer


Formerly at Serge Schoemaker Architects:

Architects: Alexander Beeloo, Farimah Chaman Zadeh, Andrew Choptiany, Henrik Holte, Max Hart Nibbrig, Carmen van den Hoogen, Dik Houben, Sanne Knoll, Tessa Spoelstra and Roxana Vakil Mozafari.

Assistant designers: Vivian Chen, Jurgi Cinta, Yunqiao Du, Bianca Grilli, Francesca Muggli, Valentine Jaques, Arun Jansen, Hoda Khanbani, Niklas Kühlenborg, Lisanne Leermakers, Pedro Magalhaes, Beatrice Nespega, Axelle Pavero, Ilaria Saggese, Giulia Tönz and Kevin Veenhuizen.